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Why Use Red Rose Drylining?

Drylining projects range in size dramatically from residential properties to full-scale commercial installations, and Red Rose Drylining has more than 27 years of experience in this field – the team has the expertise to fulfil any requirements.

Not only do we let the quality of our work do the talking, we also publish photos online to let our potential clients see the diverse range of projects that we have been proud of in the past. Examples of our dedication to professionalism can be seen all over the North-West, and we are delighted to operate out of our premises in Blackburn.

RRA 2013Although we like to mention the length of time that we have been in business, we also know how important official accreditations are, and this includes our CHA accreditation. In 2013, we were delighted to win the Lancashire Business Review Red Rose Award, and this was a huge boost to our reputation – mainly due to our pride in our Lancashire roots! In a world that is dominated by multi-national companies, we prefer to remain thoroughly grounded, and simply provide top levels of customer service to companies and individuals. At the same time, news of our craftsmanship is spreading further afield, and we are incredibly excited about having the opportunity to complete projects elsewhere in the UK.

Use Red Rose DryliningVisitors to Splash Riverside may already be aware that our expertise can be applied to swimming pools and leisure centres, and guests at a certain Premier Inn might have also noticed our handywork in the bar area – we successfully made the internal fixtures take on a unique and rustic look. Fans of the nightlife scene in Manchester may have seen the literally ‘brilliant’ White Room at Tiger Tiger, and their internal plastering and partitions were installed by our team. When the UK’s first Adagio Aparthotel opened in Liverpool, the whole building renovation was made possible by the skills of Red Rose Drylining.

Hub at BuckshawWhen we created the modern and functional interior at The Hub in Buckshaw, we also decided that the imposing building would make a great base for our recruitment efforts. We know how important it is to create employment in the local economy, and we use The Hub to host our Red Rose Drylining Recruitment Open Days. It has never been more challenging to get into skilled employment in the UK, and our Trainee Plasterer and Trainee Dryliner positions offer jobseekers a great opportunity – a vital and lucrative skill in a high-demand industry. Unlike many businesses in our field, we are keen to stimulate growth in our local area, and our loyal customers love our commitment to translating the enthusiasm of jobseekers into quality craftsmanship.

To find out more about our proven track record, feel free to explore all of the information online at We are also available to discuss specific requirements on 01254 580011, and full details about how to get in touch are in the ‘Contact Us’ area of our website.


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