Suspended Ceilings

Ceilings are an important consideration when creating the most suitable atmosphere and ambience for any work or leisure environment.

Choices of suspended ceilings available range from standard to bespoke. Dependent on the requirements of the situation, whether you want to improve light reflectance, acoustic, thermal, impact or anti-fungal properties.

Learn about what we do and why we’re the suspended ceiling installer you should use.

What is a Suspended Ceiling?

Hung below the main structural ceiling, a suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling that we see in most industrial and commercial buildings such as offices, schools and hospitals. The main use of this type of ceiling is to hide piping, wiring and ductwork.

Each suspended ceiling uses a grid of wire suspended metal channels that snap together to create a lattice pattern of cells which fit the ceiling tiles.  Suspended ceilings can also help with reducing sound and with minimising thermal loss from your room.

Ceiling products available include material manufactured from:

  • Mineral fibre
  • Glass fibre
  • Plaster
  • Plasterboard
  • Metal

Why Fit a Suspended Ceiling?

Suspended ceilings provide insulation for temperature control, acoustic balance and absorption. This helps to reduce intrusive sounds and keep adjoined rooms quieter. Employees will also enjoy a more comfortable working environment.
Once you have the ceiling in place, you can explore other features. Experiment with lighting, air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.
Suspended Ceilings can also increase fire resistance which can help you meet building safety requirements.
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