The Benefits of Fermacell


fermacell header 1One of the most consistently popular products we offer here at Red Rose Drylining is Fermacell. A versatile building board made with recycled material, offering a host of usages and superb performance, its ever-increasing reputation should come as no surprise.

For those not in the know about Fermacell, here are some of the main benefits it can bring to your building project…

It can carry the heavy load

load carryingWith load carrying of up to 50kg per cavity fixing and up to 30kg per screw, Fermacell has the brawn to take on plenty of heavy lifting.

This allows for much more freedom and flexibility in how you design and build, as you can fix pieces straight on to this hardy building board.

It lowers the volume without hogging the space

sound insulatingFermacell offers a level of acoustic insulation that is truly remarkable when you consider its dimensions.

Unlike, say, plasterboard, which can keep the sound in but will demand lots of space due to its multiple layers, just one or two slim 12.5mm boards of Fermacell can achieve first rate sound insulation.

It is a very safety conscious option

environmentally certifiedFermacell building boards come with an unimprovable Class 0 certification for fire resistance, meaning there is no more safety conscious material to use when it comes to fire prevention.

The main reason for this is the sheer length of time it takes to burn. It stays resistant for a full hour, making it much more difficult for fire to spread through even a timber-based structure.

It is very straightforward and flexible to work with

ready to decorateOne of the things that makes Fermacell such a versatile choice is that it can be used in just about any way you please.

You can cut it, nail it, score it, snap it, staple it or screw it and the results will be just as superb. As it arrives with a ready-to-decorate finish, you don’t need to treat it before use. This means less man-hours are needed to put your Fermacell in place.

So, if you are looking for a sustainable, high quality building board, choosing Fermacell is a very smart decision. To find out more about how Red Rose Drylining can utilise this superb material in your project, contact our friendly team today by calling us on 01254 580011 or get in touch via Twitter.

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