A Guide To Structural Framing Systems

pyramid at the LouvreStructural framing systems are load-bearing sub-systems forming part of an overarching construction – the ‘skeleton’ of the construction. A good example is the pyramid at the Louvre, which uses a set of interlocking spars and struts to form a structure that requires little in the way of internal supporting features due to the inherent load-bearing quality of the design.

Yet normal everyday structures utilise similar systems in their construction. High-rise buildings need to cope with the load of an entire building as a result of gravity, as well as the lateral loads caused by wind and in some cases, seismic activity. Structural framing systems offer an elegant, dry-built and sturdy solution in numerous contexts where self-supporting properties are desirable.

The Benefits Of Structural Framing

At Red Rose Drylining, we encourage the use of structural framing systems as a method of saving both time and money whilst ensuring longevity and sound structural integrity. When compared to the more traditional methods of construction, such as blockwork and brickwork, structural framing systems provide numerous benefits.

The Hub BuckshawStructural framing systems are inherently resistant to moisture and water, which can save significant amounts of money in the long-term; replacing warped structures is an expensive business!

Similarly, the ability to sheath structural framing systems in waterproof, protective material allows for a fully waterproof skeleton to be erected in record time; having a waterproof base is essential if working against the often turbulent British weather. Cladding, insulation and other masonry can then be added as and when required, using the lateral support offered by the system as a convenient and robust foundation.

But having a skeleton isn’t the whole story; here at Red Rose Drylining, we employ a team of skilled, dedicated experts with years of experience across the whole industry. This means we’re responsible not only for erecting high-quality commercial structural framing systems, but for providing a complete service, from design all the way through to installation. We specialise in construction, partitions, painting and decorating, all the while conforming to the highest UK and EU safety regulations.

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If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, and elegant solution for a commercial structure, Red Rose Drylining is able to offer a structural framing system that is tailored to your specific requirements. We are also able to provide expert cladding, insulation and decorating expertise as part of a unified and complete service.

Contact one of our team to begin discussing your structural framing system requirements in depth on 01254 580011. Or if you’ve recently had a structural framing system installed in your building we’d like to hear from you and see images of the finished work, get in touch with us on Twitter to share your work.

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