Time Sheet Instructions

From Friday 16th August we are implementing an online booking in system whereby you are responsible for booking in the works that you have carried out the previous week.

Please find below directions for booking in your works.

Booking in must be submitted by 8am Monday.

  1. Go to www.redrosedryliningltd.co.uk
  2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click Timesheets
  3. Enter your identification number (CIS reference) which can be found on your Sub-Contractor Monthly Statements (above your name & address in the Sub-Contractor section)or by calling the office. Click Continue
  4. Click in the Week Ending box and select the applicable Friday’s date
  5. Click on the Sub-Contractors tab just above
  6. Check that the correct name has appeared and if you are booking in for yourself only click on the downwards arrow in the box at the end under % Split and select 100
  7. If you wish to make a joint booking please click Add Contractor and enter the ID/CIS ref of that person and then select the % split for each of you
  8. Click the Jobs tab above
  9. Using the down arrow again select the Main Contractor Company Name of where you have been working from the list
  10. Then select the relevant site name and plot number
  11. Then select the works carried out
  12. If you have carried out more than one item in the same plot ie Board Studs and Insulate then these will need to be added on a separate line by clicking the Add Job button
  13. Please use the notes box to enter any additional information such as if you have selected Board Ceilings but you have only boarded the Ground Floor ceilings
  14. To book any Dayworks or Extra works please click the Additions tab above and enter the site details as previous
  15. Please state in the Reason box the time taken and why ie 3hr x 2men Re-board after Leak
  16. Any Expenses should be stated in the Expenses tab above
  17. Once all the information has been entered, click the Complete & Submit button in the top right hand corner