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What is Fermacell & What Are its Benefits?

what is fermacellModern construction needs cutting-edge materials, and that’s what Fermacell offers. Pressure from Building Regulations means that materials must save time and money and offer technically superior solutions and innovative design.

Fermacell is one of those products – a multi-purpose board and space-saving dry lining solution. It combines the properties of solid blockwork with the quickness and convenience of drylining to create a product that possesses the ultimate design flexibility.


What is Fermacell?

Fermacell production isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but the materials used to produce it are. Recycled gypsum, recycled cellulose fibres from post-consumer waste paper and recycled water mix to form an equal mass and are formed into dense sheet material.

When the sheets are dry they are cut to size. The material produced from the manufacturing process is unique and fully recyclable. All by-products are fed back into the system, which means no waste is produced.

The process and product are held in high regard, gaining both Rosenheim Institute of Construction Biology and Ecology certificates. Also, Fermacell boards are third-party accredited by BBA, ETA and the ECO Institute.


What Are the Benefits of Fermacell?

1. It Can Carry a Heavy Load

what are the benefits of fermacell

With load carrying of up to 50kg per cavity fixing and up to 30kg per screw, Fermacell has the brawn to take on plenty of heavy lifting.

This allows for much more freedom and flexibility in how you design and build, as you can fix pieces straight on to this hardy building board.

2. It Insulates Sound Without Hogging the Space

Fermacell offers a level of acoustic insulation that is truly remarkable when you consider its dimensions. Unlike, say, plasterboard, which can keep the sound in but will demand lots of space due to its multiple layers, just one or two slim 12.5mm boards of Fermacell can achieve first-rate sound insulation. Fermacell is ideal for environments where noise travels freely, such as hospitals, schools and blocks of flats.

3. It’s Fire Resistant

what's fermacell

Fermacell building boards come with an unimprovable Class 0 certification for fire resistance, meaning there is no more safety-conscious material to use when it comes to fire prevention.

The main reason for this is the sheer length of time it takes to burn. It stays resistant for a full hour, making it much more difficult for fire to spread through even a timber-based structure.

4. It’s Flexible

One of the things that makes Fermacell such a versatile choice is that it can be used in just about any way you please. You can cut it, nail it, score it, snap it, staple it or screw it and the results will be just as superb. As it arrives with a ready-to-decorate finish, you don’t need to treat it before use. This means fewer hours are needed to put your Fermacell in place.


5. It’s Moisture Resistant

fermacell benefits

Fermacell gypsum fibreboard is moisture-resistant and can be used in semi-exposed applications. Fermacell also offers a good degree of mould resistance.

As well as a sheathing board, Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards provides outstanding performance as a tile backing board in environments with frequent exposure to water and moisture – up to 80% humidity and it is the ideal solution for kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, shower cubicles and plant rooms.

Furthermore, Fermacell board can make a significant contribution to improved BREEAM ratings of new and refurbished commercial and residential buildings.


Can I Use Fermacell as Overlay for Underfloor Heating?

Fermacell® flooring isn’t resistant to heat, so it enhances the performance of underfloor heating systems. It offers less than half the thermal resistance of cheaper alternatives such as floor grade chipboard or ply – so it pays off in the long run.

As a result, you’ll reduce energy expenditure and overall system efficiency. Experts estimate that the combination of underfloor heating and Fermacell dry flooring systems allow occupants to save up to 15% on energy bills per year. Proving that traditional wet screed and underfloor heating systems aren’t the best way to save money in the long-term.

So, if you are looking for a sustainable, high-quality building board, choosing Fermacell is a very smart decision. To find out more about how Red Rose Drylining can utilise this superb material in your project, contact our friendly team today by calling us on 01254 580011 or get in touch via Twitter.

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