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Project Overview

Originally built as a Victorian school building, the site has been transformed into high quality housing in order to meet local demands. It is full of history. Designed in 1894 by Mr J Lane Fox, the school boasts the artist James Hargreaves Morton as a former pupil. In its first incarnation, the site was that of the Grammar School before becoming the Secondary Technical School. Its final guise, before the conversion, was that of Darwen Moorland Lower School between 1972 and 1995. This was a meaningful job for roughly 80% of the project work force because this was the school they attended. Among the former pupils were employees of Barnfield Construction and two directors of Red Rose Drylining.

Given that it has been closed since 1995 and further damaged by the failed efforts to convert it, the building has been described as “an eyesore.” However thanks to the great progress of Red Rose Drylining, Barnfield Construction and their 1.4 million pound budget, the school has now been turned into three town houses and two luxury flats. These residences will be available for rent from February. The property as a whole retains many of its outstanding architectural feats and will include residents parking.