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Red Rose prides its self on providing the highest quality of work and work with in our contractors health and safety regulations at all times

We are happy to receive applications for the following trades... Plasterer, Dryliner, Joiner and Painters.

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Terms and Conditions

All Sub-Contractors shall read, understand and comply with all aspects of the Company's Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual. All Sub-Contractors must complete a Competence Questionnaire prior to the commencement of any works on site. Under the Inland Revenue Construction Scheme, The Company will only be able to make payments to sub-contractors for whom we have inspected their CIS4 Registration Card.  The original, together with a photocopy, must be produced at the office.  There will be no exceptions. All sub-contractors must comply with the Company’s payment procedure.  All 'booking in' must be done with the Office on Monday, for work carried out the previous week.  This should then be paid the following Friday.  All work which is booked in must be complete. Any work booked in after Monday will be paid the following week, providing that the work is complete.

All plant to be used by sub-contractors must be safe and fully efficient in use, guarded and equipped with safety devices (if appropriate) and tested, examined and periodically maintained in accordance with regulations and manufacturers instructions.

No person other than a 'Pasma' certificated scaffolder is allowed to erect or substantially alter or dismantle a standing scaffold or tower scaffold. All sub-contractors shall strictly adhere to the Company's working hours of 8.00am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, and be prepared to work weekends when reasonably requested to do so.

All sub-contractors must inform their Contracts Manager/Site Supervisor and the Site Agent who they are working for immediately should they be unable to attend work.

All sub-contractors are responsible for the safety, security and maintenance of all items of plant/tools/equipment belonging to them or the Company (owned or hired) which have been placed in their possession.  Any costs incurred by the Company will be deducted from monies due.

All sub-contractors shall comply with all reasonable requests from the Site Manager.

No person under the age of 18 years old will be allowed to work on site.  The only exception to this, are Trainees of the Company.

No person will be allowed to be or remain on site who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who is medically unfit.

No materials shall be collected from any supplier without authorisation and an order number from the Company.  Failure to do this will result in liability for payment.

No sub-contractor shall sublet any portion of their work or employ others to carry out works without written authorisation from the Company, and confirmation that the intended operatives have received the necessary information/instruction/training and supervision.

All accidents and near misses must be reported to the main contractor's site agent as well as the Company, where they will be recorded in the accident book.

All sub-contractors must be in possession of the appropriate certification prior to the use of cartridge guns.

Personal Protective Equipment - The sub-contractor shall provide all necessary protective clothing and equipment required by statute and the Company.  In the event of a sub-contractor failing to supply PPE, the Company may supply from their own stocks at the expense of the sub-contractor. It is the duty of the sub-contractor to have knowledge of the relevant health and safety legislation including (but not exclusive to) their obligations under The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 and to abide by these regulations when undertaking of work on the Company's sites.

Each sub-contractor must ensure that their employees are adequately trained and experienced to carry out their work safely.  To this end, they must ensure that specific hazards likely to be experienced on site whether notified by others or discovered by themselves are notified to their workforce and the Company, together with any precautions to be taken and local rules to be observed.

The policy and rules of the Company are that all persons working or visiting their sites will wear suitable approved P.P.E (helmets, safety footwear and high visibility vests minimum) at all times. The only exception to this, are identified in the Health and Safety plan, a copy of which is maintained on site and in the Company's offices. All sub-contractors are deemed knowledgeable of these policies and any person found failing to observe them will be removed from site.

All sub-contractors shall make sure that all materials are stored in an orderly and tidy fashion in the location designated by the site manager.

It is the duty of the sub-contractors to ensure that materials are checked and signed when received and are protected from being damaged.

Delivery paperwork should be passed to the Company’s representative.  The Company reserved the right to recover the cost of wilfully damaged goods from the sub-contractor.  The Company should also be advised of any unused materials prior to leaving site.

Any debris or waste arising from the sub-contractor's work shall be cleared away as soon as is practicable.  Failure to do so will entitle the Company to recover reasonable costs from the sub-contractor if the Company has to clean up after them.

Materials shall not be taken from site without the consent of the Company.

The Company will deduct tax in accordance with the relevant Finance Acts and CITB Levy from payments made and the sub-contractor will have deemed to have included in his rates for the amount of any such levy.

The Company will deduct retention at a rate of 3% or 5% dependant on whether you are an individual, group or company.  Retention will only be deducted up to a maximum of £1000.

No person shall remove any barriers around openings in floors except where the passage of materials is required, where a competent person will observe the operation and replace the disturbed barriers immediately.

Dayworks must be authorised in writing and payment will only be made if the sub-contractor submits daywork sheets within 24 hours of carrying out the work and has them signed by either the Main Contractors site agent or Quantity Surveyor, and obtain an official order number where necessary.

In consideration of the sub-contractor providing services, the Company agrees to pay the sub-contractor a fee which includes two elements of remuneration.  An element  for the performance of the services by the sub-contractor, and an additional element in respect of the Company’s obligation to provide paid holiday to the sub-contractor, in accordance with the Working Time Rule Agreement.

Change of address/mobile number/bank details etc must be sent in writing to the office immediately.

Task Lighting

It is our responsibility to ensure that suitable task lighting is used by yourselves during this period to ensure a safe working environment.  Please ensure that you have adequate lighting set up and in use throughout the day.  Ideally this will be free standing wide based plasterers lights or the tri-pod type.  Small head mounted LED lights will not suffice.

Please be aware that your eyes will adjust throughout the day to the reduced lights so what appears fine to you will not to a site supervisor or Health & Safety inspector entering the property from outdoors.

If you do not have any forms of task lighting please contact either myself or Gary to discuss.

We do not provide task lighting but need to be aware of the contractors who do not have it.

Stair Platforms

We have recently had an incident on one of our Taylor Wimpey sites where an operative of ours was found on an improvised working platform consisting of a plank across a stairwell. He was caught by Taylor Wimpeys Health and Safety consultant

R G Wilbery.  Such action is classed as a Category A offence.  As you can see from the attached letter the implications of this are serious for all.

As per Taylor Wimpeys policy for Category A’s the Managing Direct of Wimpey North West and the Construction Director of the region had to leave their office in Warrington immediately and travel to site to participate in the investigation.  Our supervisor for the site, had to also leave our office were he was undertaking the weekly wage run to meet the two Directors.

The offending operative who had in the past committed the same offence and as a result was sent on a Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSTSS) also had to wait until all parties had reached site for the investigation.

There was no excuse offered for this offence, the Oxford Stair Safes provided by Taylor Wimpey were available for use.  As a result Red Rose Drylining will now incur a £1000.00 administration fee for the investigation as detailed in the attached letter.  This fee will be passed directly on to the offending operative and all monies due to him will be suspended until the outcome of the investigation reaches its conclusion.

As you can see this was a serious incident and puts all future works with one of our main clients at risk and ultimately everyone who works for Red Rose Drylining at risk of loss of work. Please do not think that this is the only Category A offence possible. Any activity that puts site operatives at serious risk is classified as a Category A.  Activities such as altering scaffold, removing temporary hand rails from stair wells, damaged electric leads, drill casings etc may all result in the same consequences.

Please learn from this individuals costly mistake and not your own, be vigilant on our behalf regarding such matters, if a handrail is missing report it to the site management as you may ultimately have the finger pointed at you.

Going forward we have decided that any sub-contractor found in breach of serious site health and safety rules, such as no drip tray for generators, ladders and planks on stairwells etc will be written to at a cost of £25.00 per letter. I hope you see this step for what it is, which is to maintain us as a Company as a leading Drylining contractor for industry therefore keeping all in future work in these difficult economic times and beyond.